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The Whole Darned Deal

We mentioned last Sunday that Alternative Stats owner Marcus Rochellle, a.k.a., Malcolm Foley, is getting married this coming Monday to Candice Cockrell, which everyone recognizes ups his Whole Darned Deal average by a good 277 percent. This is really saying something because Marcus is a pretty bitchen dude to begin with, but, you know, c'mon, he just isn't the whole darned deal yet. A someone like a Marcus joins up with a someone like a Candice and, man … that's the whole darned deal.

All of which is to say, we are hitting the road for points west, which means we might be a little slow updating the website and all. Bummer for us 'cause, you know, the whole End of the Regular Season Thing, but what are you going to do?

What we're going to do? We'll try to update things like standings and stats and end-of-season trades and major league announcements like crowning Regular Season Champs and such as quickly as we can, though we may be a little behind. Trust we will catch up soon enough, though, okay?

One big reminder before? All end-of-season trades need to be submitted before the last pitch of the last game of the Regular Season, which includes any tiebreakers to determine Wild Card participants. So, load up your team with playoff players before the last pitch of the last game of the Regular Season, 'k? Use this form to do so.

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