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2017 LDS

In this week's edition of Sunday Morning WTF?!, we consider the roster of our current Playoffs standings leader …

Check out the roster that Jack Tripp, owner of Sandyeggo Padres, is sporting this postseason:


That's the roster that has Jack currently sitting in first place in the Playoffs. Yesterday alone he got dongs from Bryce Harper, Anthony Rizzo, George Springer, and Ryan Zimmerman. He even squeezed six Ks out of Robbie Ray. We don't know if this roster is built for the long postseason haul — he'll loses three players if the Nationals go down to the Cubs in the NLDS — but Jack has a decent mix of remaining playoff teams still standing. The amazing thing is that Jack didn't pick up any of these guys at the last minute … he made his last trade in June, which means he's been sitting on these guys since then.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Jack Tripp, how'd you do that? I mean, seriously, W?! T?! F?!

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