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Be One of the Cool Kids

In this week's edition of Sunday Morning WTF?!, we say so long to a dreadful Regular Season …

Or, rather, my Los Monos de Pepinos say good riddance to a dreadful, dreadful season, but a lot of folks in the league aren’t doing that. Like, for example, the following particular folks, who will be celebrating tonight, after the last pitch of the last game, because they will be crowned champs of the 2017 SLPL Regular Season (assuming no one overtakes them on today’s action):

SLPL RS Champs to Be

And then there's the folks who are still within shouting distance of the Overall Standings, the folks who will have made adept trades before the end of the trading deadline tonight to stock their rosters full of playoff players who will gain them playoff points and potentially waylay those adept trades into an Overall Championship. Is one of those folks you? Could be, right? So, get your trades in tonight, before the last pitch of the last game.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Los Monos de Pepinos, why couldn't you be one of the cool teams like that? I mean, seriously, W?! T?! F?!

BTW, if you’re making trades, please use this form.

Standings . Make A Trade . Pay Already

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