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Joe Kelly Crowned 2017 Regular Season Champ!

Mar-a-Lago Orange Sox owner Joe Kelly was crowned the 2017 Santa Lechuga Power League Regular Season Champion after Sunday's action, which will grant him the right the scrape out $825 from The Pot. Not only did Joe win the Regular Season Championship, but he was also crowned the La División de Berros Champ and the Hitting Champ. Out of the 180+ days the season lasted, he was at the top of the standings for 108 days. Dude had a commanding season.

Anyway, mixed in to all of Joe's dominance are some additional champs who were crowned at the end of yesterday’s action, which marked the official end of the 2017 Regular Season:
  • La División Culantro - $175 - Valley Bombers (6), Jeff Burns
  • La División de Berros - $175 - Mar-a-Lago Orange Sox (2), Joe Kelly
  • La División de Caña de Azúcar - $175 - Dongwhipped (26), Kevin Klinkhamer
  • La División de Jamaica - $175 - Scoots Bigelow (17), Scott Allen
  • La División de la Calabaza - $175 - I'm Maddon for Another One (23), Kathy Lamkin
  • La División de la Cebolla Verde - $175 - Valar Morghulis (30), Jeren Livernois
  • Hitting Champ - $200 - Mar-a-Lago Orange Sox (2), Joe Kelly
  • Pitching Champ - $200 - The Mighty Trepidators (29), Ray Brennan
  • Regular Season Champ** - $825 - Mar-a-Lago Orange Sox (2), Joe Kelly
Congratulations to Joe Kelly and to all our Regular Season champs!

(By the way, actual money winners will be announced at the end of the playoffs, when the Overall Champ is crowned.)

In Other News
Owners can no longer make any trades for the 2017 season.

More In Other News
The playoffs are about to begin.

More Other News Still
As of 10:30 am Pacific time, we have not processed the trades that were submitted to us. Processing these may prove to be an all-week process since we are traveling and going to weddings and all. We'll get everything sorted out before the playoffs are over, we promise.*

Still More In Other News
Y’all need to know how points are awarded during the Wild Card and Divisional Playoffs. Here’s how:
  • Hitters earn 20 points for every home run hit
  • Hitters lose 2 points for every K
  • Pitchers earn 2 points for every K
  • Pitchers lose 10 points for every homer surrendered
Good luck to all y’alls during the playoffs!

*Promises not kept to be blamed on things outside our control, whether or not the things were actually in our control.
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Sunday Morning WTH?! Hey, All You Mothers Out There

As we have in seasons past, we have decided to be respectful to all the mothers in this league for at least one day of the season by renaming our regular Sunday series “Sunday Morning WTF?!” in honor of Mother’s Day to “Sunday Morning WTH?!?!” As in, “What the heck?!” or, “Whiskey Tango Hotel?” Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!

We have also decided to revive a league favorite, which former SLPL owner Scott “Scoot Bigs” Allen shared with us way back in ’11. Scott said that it is a tradition in his country of origin to celebrate Mother’s Day by dancing around a scooter. We didn’t believe him until we dug up this video on the Interwebs. (BTW, Scoot’s the one wearing jorts.)

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Seen Last Night On Facebook

Yoenis had a big night last night, which led to this fun owner interplay via Susie Rochellle's wall on Facebook:

Sue Klinkhamer, she rarely lets us down.

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