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Joe Kelly Holding Onto First Place by His Cuticles

MLB World Series

In Game 3 all but one SLPL hitter still in the playoffs hit a home run; Bellinger was the lone holdout. In last night's Game 5 all but one hit a home run; Corey Seager didn't go long. Check this out:

Game 5

With all those home runs, havoc has been reeked in the SLPL Overall Standings. See?

Game 5 Standings

While Mar-a-Lago Orange Sox owner Joe Kelly still has a hold on 1st place, I'm Maddon for Another One owner Kathy Lamkin is hot on his tail, needing just one more home run from Carlos Correa to vault her into the top spot Overall.

It's been a wild-and-wooly playoffs, to be sure. Stay tuned!

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