2020 SLPL+ Rules

Read below to learn the rules of the 2020 SLPL+ season.

Ownership Fees
  • Ownership fees are $25. You won’t spend another cent during the entire season.

Roster & Points
You pick a streamlined roster. Here's what it will look like and how you will earn points:
  • One (1) MLB Team - You earn a point for every WIN your selected team puts in the W column. (Note: Your team can’t be a Division winner from 2019.)
  • Two (2) Hitters - You earn a point for every home run your selected hitters hit.
  • Two (2) Pitchers - You earn a point for every strikeout our selected pitchers throw.
  • And that’s your entire roster.

Champs and Payouts
  • We will crown fewer champs and distribute fewer payouts.
  • Hitting Champ: Most HRs hit during the regular season and playoffs by the two hitters on a roster will be crowned.
  • Pitching Champ: Most Ks thrown during the regular season and playoffs by the two pitchers on a roster will be crowned.
  • MLB Team Champ: Most wins will be crowned.
  • Overall Champ: Most combined points scored, total — for Hitting HRs, Pitching Ks, and MLB Team wins — will be crowned. (This champ will not be eligible to win monies for other categories, which will be awarded to the next deserving team(s).)
  • Ties will split payouts in each of the four categories. There is no Magic Number.

Misc Notes
  • We are not deducting points for anything. Your hitters can strike out 100 times and hit ten home runs; that will count as ten points. We told you we were keeping things positive.
  • Playoff points earned — i.e., playoff HRs, Ks, and Wins — are included in all point totals for the purposes of awarding winners.
  • There will be no trades. You get who you pick for the entire season, including playoffs.
  • There will be no Hall of Fame Death Pool this year. Given everything else that’s going on, a death pool would feel like we are piling on. Remember, we’re keeping this positive.

Rosters are due a week from this Friday, on July 31. Ownership fees are due the Friday after that, on August 7.

Submit your roster using this fancy-fancy form.

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