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Red Has Walked Into the Light

So Red Schoendienst has finally kicked the bucket, which means the St. Louis Cardinals are going to have to dig through some cellars to find a jersey they can parade around in their dugout for the next three months, a practice they have perfected over the years to glean maximum needed motivation from the corpses of their former players.

Meanwhile, we here at the SLPL don't glean motivation so much as points, points earned toward a death pool we created to make fun of the creepy Cardinals for their heinous practice. With Red's death, nine SLPL teams earning a minimum of 25 points for having him on their Hall of Fame Death Pool rosters at least once. Doc Ellis D owner Frank Sumrall and Donde Esta Mi Cerveza owner Tom Kinchus both earned 75 points, Frank for having Red on his roster three times and Tom for having him on his roster once plus earning 50 points for having the Magic Number of 6, which is the date of Red's death.

Here's how points are awarded for the HOF Death Pool.
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