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There's Still One 2016 Champ To Be Crowned ... And It Likely Won't Be Crowned

For those who don't know, the Santa Lechuga Power League features a Hall-of-Fame Death Pool. Click here to see how it works. As stated in the rules, each season's Death Pool runs from first pitch of one season to the first pitch of the following season, then the champ is crowned. This means that we still have one payout to make for the 2016 season. Unfortunately, no HOFers have passed on to the big sleep over this period of time … which means we will likely have to add that $200 to this year's Pot. Sad, us, right?

Incidentally, if you're skeeved out by our Death Pool, you are not required to play. You can opt out by leaving the HOF portion of your roster submission blank.

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