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Jim Klinkhamer

The crew here at Santa Lechuga Power League is taking our caps off and lowering the outfield pennants today for the passing of former league owner -- and 2010 Overall Champ — Jim Klinkhamer, brother to larger-than-life owner Dan Klinkhamer, brother-in-law to owner Sue, uncle to owners Kevin Klinkhamer and Julie Pankoke, uncle-by-default to owner Aaron Pankoke, friend to many more owners in the league, dad to a batch of kids, husband, and dear, dear friend to a slew of great folks from his years on earth who are all saddened and heartbroken to hear the news of his passing.

The Santa Lechuga Power League encourages all team owners to grab a hotdog and tip a beer in Jim's honor during tonight's Cubs game. This one's for you, Jim Klinkhamer.

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