The Best Damn Fantasy Baseball League In the Universe!

At the End of the Championship Seriezez

I guess it's going to be the Red Sox vs. Dodgers. Well. So. That. Can anybody in the world do anything in the world to help us care even an iota about either of these teams? Please? Give it your best shot. We want to care, because It's the World Series and all, but we just don't. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? (Not that Buehler!) Bueller? Anybody?

Well, there is this: The Santa Lechuga Power League! Yes! We care about that! A lot. And the World Series stats, as you know, feed into our beloved league, so there's a strong reason to care. Specifically:

During the World Series...
. Hitters earn 100 points for every home run hit
. Hitters lose 10 points for every K
. Pitchers earn 10 points for every K
. Pitchers lose 50 points for every homer surrendered

That's pretty awesome. Oh, it it appears that there are a dozen players left in on our World Series rosters, six from each team, so lots of chances for teams to make a splash.

Here's where things stand as of right now, the end of the Championship Seriezez and before the World Series.

Good luck to one and all! (Though, if I had to lay down my nickel right now, I'd put it on Scott Allen and his Scoots Bigelow to win the Playoffs and maybe even take the Overall. Check out his playoff roster. He has seven of those 12 playoff players! Sure, lot of ways to lose points, but also lots of ways to earn points.)

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