ICYMI: One Final Season

The SLPL Bobblehead-of-Lettuce

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls:

After careful consideration, the brain trust at the Santa Lechuga Power League have determined that the 2021 season will be SLPL's swan song. This is the final lap, the farewell performance, the end of an era, the death on the vine.

It's been a good run, sure, but it has run its course. The kids just aren't into baseball anymore, what with so many other distractions to occupy their time these days. Like video games and torrid, free-wheeling sex. Not only that, but your faithful league commissioner, Rube Furrow, is getting too old for this shit, and the Santa Lechuga City Council voted earlier this year to pull all funding for the maintenance of Endive Stadium.

So we're going one more round, taking the bus for one last trip, before we ride off into the metaphorical sunset. Our final season will start soon. This year we're running a slightly different format. The highlights:

  • Entry fee is $100, which comes with eight free trades during the season.
  • Teams will be assessed an additional $10 for every trade after their eight free transactions.
  • Teams will select 10 hitters, and five pitchers.
  • The season will end at the end of the regular MBL season, with no All-Star or playoff matches or Hall-of-Fame death pool.
  • Winners will include League Overall Championship, division winners, batting point leaders and pitching point leaders.

Also this year, to commemorate the 97 years SLPL has been running organized baseball leagues, Rube Furrow has promised to send an occasional newsletter to team ownership groups that will describe SLPL's rich history.

So start your scouting operations, get your teams in order and run over to http://www.santa-lechuga.com/. The SLPL Director of Operations, Hawk "Fungo" Gandy, promises he will update the site just as soon as he sleeps off last year's drunk.

Let's Play Ball!

Rube Furrow
SLPL Commissioner

See the 2021 Rules | Submit a Roster | Pay Your Entry Fee | Adjust a Submitted Roster Here

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