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POS HOFer Jim Bunning Dies

In this week's edition of Sunday Morning WTF?!, we celebrate the death of a Hall of Famer while lamenting last season's lack of an HOF champ…

On Friday night Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Bunning died, which means, Yay!, we will have a HOF Champ this season! LetsPlayCatch owner Weston Livernois and Farmer, Greene, and Romine owner Vince Livernois each scored 100 points while Get with the Programmer owner Alec Puente grabbed 75 points.

Here's a reminder of how points are awarded for the HOF Death Pool: Here's how points are awarded:

Points are earned by subtracting the reported age of the dirt-napper at the time of his death (rounded down to the most-recent birthday) from 100 and multiplying the result by 5. So: An 80-year-old would get 100-80=20*5=100 points. A 40-year-old would get 100-40=60*5=300 points.

In this instance, Bunning, aged 85, earned 100-85=15*5=75 points.

And here's how the Magic Number came into play to get Vince and Weston an extra 25 points:

For the HOF Death Pool, the team with the Magic Number closest to the Date-of-Death (DoD) will get an extra 25 points. … Note: More than one team can be awarded the extra points if their Magic Numbers are equidistant to the DoD. So, if Bob dies on the 15th and one team has 14 and another has 16, both teams will get the 25 extra points.

In this instance, Bunning died on the 26th; Vince has a Magic Number of 25 and Weston has 27.

And with that, Whiskey Tango Everloving Foxtrot, 2016 season, you couldn't give us at least one choice Hall of Fame death so that we could award a champ last season? I mean, seriously, W?! T?! F?!

As a side note: As bleeding heart liberals, we totally understand where I'm Too Old for this Sh*t co-owner Sue Klinkhamer is coming from in this Facebook exchange:

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