The Best Damn Fantasy Baseball League In the Universe!

That's a Big Pot. It Sure Would Be a Shame to Make It Smaller.

Have you gotten a look at our Pot for this season? Check this out:

Pretty sweet, right? Unfortunately, lots of folks haven't paid their ownership fees yet. Or, rather, we haven't received payment yet from lots of folks. Heads up: If we don't receive payment (or have pretty good evidence that you paid) by next Monday, we are going to have to remove you from the league. And, unfortunately, our go-to banker, the Commissioner Rube Furrow, is out of the country for two weeks so we won't have any idea that your payment has arrived in the meantime.

So, we have a massive request: If you have sent payment in any form or fashion (e.g., by check or by PayPal) to Rube, please notify Pedregoso Rios by — as soon as possible. While you're at it, please provide any evidence you may have. Have a PayPal receipt via e-mail? Please forward it to Pedregoso. Have a check register with your entry capturing payment? Take a picture and send it. Have only your word of honor? Please send it, and make it sound good.

We don't want to kick you out of the league — we, too, are transfixed by the size of the Pot — but we will show you the exit doors if you don't show payment by next Monday. So, please, show payment. Or, you know, pay ASAP and show us that you did.

Here's the list of folks from who we have not yet heard:

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