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28 Teams Jump Ahead In All-Star Standings


Twenty-eight teams took an early 250-point lead in the All-Star standings, which raises the question: "How the ever-loving eff do only 28 SLPL teams have Bryce Harper?!" Sure, he's not leading the league in HRs and he strikes out at an incredibly uncomfortable rate — Christ, is it possible he has 102 Ks already?!?! — but he's still a net positive of +127 so far this season, so, you know, he has that going for him. Oh, and the 2018 Derby trophy.


Who am I to talk? I'm sitting in third place in La División Culantro.

All-Star fun Tuesday night, after which will will crown our first championship of the season and hand out a $200 prize.

Good luck!

By the way, we're traveling tomorrow, which means we may not be able to announce the winner and update the website until Thursday morning. Sorry about that, folks.

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