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Last Team In, First Champ Out: Susan Crohare Crowned All-Star Champ


Hers was the last team to join the league, which gave us a nice-and-even 36 teams. Word has it that she didn't know what she was in for, didn't know what to expect, and didn't expect to do much in the league. But when the fog-of-the-war-of-attrition of an All-Star game cleared and Robinson Cano hit the dinger to propel the AL to the win, The Pretenders owner Susan Crohare ended up the winner of the SLPL's 2017 All-Star Championship.

With a sleek 250 points from the Derby, a hefty 150 points from Cano, four pitcher strikeouts, and only three hitter Ks, the rookie owner netted 425 total points, which was enough to beat Brian Thornburg's Carrboro T-Birds and Dan and Sue Klinkhamer's I'm Too Old for this Sh*t by 50 points.

League honchos are delighted to award Susie the All-Star crown and a most-excellent $200 prize, which will be delivered at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, #FAKE LEAGUE! Sad owner Susie Rochellle, who recruited Susie into the league, was quoted as saying about The Pretenders' win, "Fake news! Russian conspiracy! SAD!"

Congratulations, Susie!*

*This assumes we didn't make any mistakes. Which is to say, we may have messed up some of the math here since we had to manually transcribe each home run and strikeout by every hitter in the league. If we made any mistakes, please notify us ASAP so that we can make corrections. You will find our tracking under the All-Star Stats tab in our boffo spreadsheet!

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