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Thus Bringeth the Championshipth Serieses to a Closeth

And with that Houston win, the Championship Serieses are over. In all, hitters on Santa Lechuga rosters slammed 15 dongs and struck out 118 times while SLPL pitchers threw 111 strikeouts and gave up 9 homers. So far in the playoffs, there have been 42 HRs and and 274 K by rostered hitters and 307 Ks and 30 HRs by rostered hitters. And here's how the Overall standings look going into the World Series:

The Series kicks off Tuesday night. There are nine rostered hitters and 6 rostered pitchers left in play for SLPL owners. Will DJay Andersen's Deeger's Dogs continue to hold the top spot? Or, can another team tear it away. Stay tuned!

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