The Best Damn Fantasy Baseball League In the Universe!

Welcome to the 2017 SLPL Power League!

Thanks for joining the 2017 edition of the Santa Lechuga Power League! You’ll be happy to know:

  • We have 36 owners — same as last season — including a whopping five(!) new owners and at least one wayward daughter who has returned to the league after being gone for a few seasons
  • We have a whopping $3,700 pot!
  • Given said whopping pot, the minimum payout to any champ will be $175.
  • Our website — your are looking at it right now — is already up and running, mostly.
  • Our stats and standings are already up and running; you cal looked at the boxed-in frames version or the free-wheeling no-frames version. This is just an Excel spreadsheet converted to a web-page, so look for the tabs at the bottom of the page to navigate the various pages of information, including how our whopping pot is calculated and distributed.
We encourage you to take a look-see at your roster — it’s under the “Rosters" tab here — to make sure we didn’t bungle anything, which is wicked-easy to do when you’re entering 540 players manually into the stats provider like we just did. If we made a mistake, let us know by making a trade here and explaining our mistake in the Message at the bottom of that page.

Welcome to the 2017 Santa Lechuga Power League! Good luck. We hope you enjoy the five-cent Tequila Poppers and our trademarked Cabbage-On-a-Stick!

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