We're Up and Running!

Thanks for joining the 2020 edition of the Santa Lechuga Power League, SLPL+, the most upbeat, non-negative, positive, joyous version of our fantasy league ever! You will be happy to know:
  • We have 22 teams who have decided to join this stripped-down version of a league, fewer than recent seasons, which means all the lazy, apathetic, struggling owners from previous seasons are gone and the competition is more concentrated.
  • Given the above, this will be a tough, hard-fought, awesome season!
  • Our pot sits at — and will forever stay at — $550, which means our Overall Champ will rake $250 out of the pot and our Wins, HR, and K champs will get $100 each.
  • Our standings page is up-and-running! It's an Excel spreadsheet, so use the tabs at the bottom of the page to see how things look. If we made any mistakes with your roster, please let us know ASAP so we can fix things pronto.
Welcome to the 2020, SLPL+! Good luck. We really hope you enjoy the five-cent Tequila Poppers and our trademarked Cabbage-On-a-Stick!

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