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The SLPL Bobblehead-of-Lettuce

The Santa Lechuga Power League is a campy little fantasy baseball league heading off into the long goodbye after the 2021 season is over. It’s no slick-CBS-Sportsline-type league where nobody knows anybody and everybody just wants to end up in the 51st-percentile or above to get bragging rights over a bunch of strangers. I mean, who brags to strangers? Instead, the SLPL is made up of family and friends and extended family and friends of brothers Joe Livernois and Tony Livernois, who run the thing for their own amusement and for the amusement of said family and friends and extended family and friends. And because Jay (as his family knows him) and Tony are simple-minded goofs, they run a simple, goofy little league with big-time payouts. Points are earned using home runs and strikeouts. That's it.

If you’re thinking about joining, here are five basic steps you need to complete to become a new owner:

  1. Learn the rules. Abide.
  2. See the payouts. Drool.
  3. Select your team and submit your roster. Good luck!
  4. Pay already. Like, before Opening Day so you can earn two free trades.
  5. Contact us. But only with compliments or questions. No whining. We hate whining. We hate whining so much that we almost sound like we are whining when we express how much we hate whining.

Plan on joining us in 2021 — our EPIC FINAL SEASON! — wontchya? Before saying no, see this list of reasons to join. Maybe that'll convince you.

And if you’re looking for a little light reading once the season gets started, why not catch up on the History of the SLPL or read up on the evil Bobblehead-of-Lettuce?

We hope you can join!

See the 2021 Rules | Submit a Roster | Pay Your Entry Fee | Adjust a Submitted Roster Here

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