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The All-Star Break Begins Tomorrow


If you are unfamiliar, here are the rules for the SLPL’s All-Star Championship, which will be crowned at the conclusion of the All-Star game Tuesday night:

How do I score points for the All-Star Standings?
During the Home Run Derby...

  • If a player on your roster wins the All-Star Home Run Derby, your team picks up 250 points
During the All-Star Game...
  • Hitters earn 150 points for every home run hit
  • Hitters lose 25 points for every K
  • Pitchers earn 25 points for every K
  • Pitchers lose 75 points for every homer surrendered
The team with the most combined points — Home Run Derby points plus All-Star Game points — will win the All-Star Championship.

BTW, points earned in this category are allocated exclusively to the All-Star Standings and are not allocated to the Overall Standings.

Oh, and don't forget: If you want to trade for a player to be on tomorrow's Home Run Derby roster, you must make the trade tonight.
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