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Question: I love that we are asking owners to pay up front. Doing it the last several seasons got rid of the half-assers and left the league to folks who really want to play. Question, though: You say the entry fee covers the ownership fee and up to eight trades. If I don't use all eight trades, can I expect a refund at the end of the season?
Ha ha ha. No. We encourage an active ownership group that's vying to win, not half-assers who sit around waiting for refunds because they forgot to use their trades. Use 'em or lose 'em, baby. Use 'em or lose 'em.

Question: What are the downsides of asking owners to pay $100 up front?
None that we can think of.

Question: Upsides?
In addition to the fact that Commissioner Rube Furrow won't need to pull monies out of his own pockets each year to pay the winners, the league ends up with a higher proportion of owners who are real players and a lower proportion of apathetic owners who always seemed to be the ones who skip out on paying what they owe if they don't pay up front. So, nothing but upside.

Question: How do I submit a team and pay my entry fee?
That's the spirit! Submit a roster here. Pay your entry fee here.

See the 2021 Rules | Submit a Roster | Pay Your Entry Fee | Adjust a Submitted Roster Here

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