The 2021 Season Has Officially Begun!

The SLPL Bobblehead-of-Lettuce

The EPIC FINAL SEASON! of the Santa Lechuga Power League has officially begun. And, weirdly, in our 22nd season — we began in 2000 — we have 22 teams. Strike that. We missed two teams! We have 24 teams!

22 Teams

That's cool and symmetrical and EPIC! Because everything is EPIC in our final season.

With 22 teams, our base pot will be $2100, with the remaining $100 going to fund DJay "Going for the Three-peat" Andersen because he was the champ the past two years and never really got his just due for winning two seasons ago. And while $2100 is beefy enough to spread around to like Overall, Hitting, Pitching, and Division champs, the pot will only grow as owners EPICALLY over-react to minor injuries and make needlessly bad trades for mirage players who hit four homers in first two weeks only to suddenly go cold. Because that's the kind of league this is.

Did we say EPIC? Well, point values are EPIC this season. You get 1000 points for a single home run. You lose 500 points for surrendering a home run. It will be crazy, like a freakin' arcade-game-crazy. Except, I suspect, my Monos. Somehow my Monos never seem to light up the scoreboard.

Anyway, good luck to one and all! Hold tight … things are busy with work right now so it might legit be several days before we get this operation fully up-and-running. While we get our act together, here are some MLB links — also found in the menu bar up top — you might find useful throughout the season:

Enjoy the season, the EPIC FINAL SEASON! of the Santa Lechuga Power League!

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