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Still Smarting

Jim Klinkhamer (2007)

This particular member of the front offices of the Santa Lechuga Power League ate a hotdog (or two), tipped-and-drank a beer (or more), and made a toast last night during the Chicago Cubs game in tribute to former league owner Jim Klinkhamer, the most fitting thing we could think to do to honor the man.

Those closest to Jim are still smarting and in shock, as you can imagine. The outpouring of love and support has been amazing, though. A long scroll through Jim's Facebook page show just how beloved Jim was and how many lives he touched.

There are two messages from SLPL owners we wanted to share. The first came via a league trade from Deeger’s Dogs owner DJay Andersen, who wrote about the former Overall League champ: "In tribute to my friend and college roommate Jim Klinkhamer, who got me into this league and always pushed me to make quick trades. R.I.P., bud."

The second message comes from Jim's sister (in-law) Sue Klinkhamer, co-owner of Reclaiming My Time, via Facebook:

R.I.P., Jim.

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