The 2021 Season, The Whole Dopey League … It (Likely) Ends Today

The SLPL Bobblehead-of-Lettuce

Hey SLPL Owners,

The 2021 Santa Lechuga Power League season — indeed, the whole darned dopey league, all 23 years of it — it ends today, Sunday, October 3, with the final pitch of the final game of the regular season. Unless, of course, the two best teams in the MLB inexplicably end up in a one-game tiebreaker or some other weird tiebreaker scenario happens, our season and the whole darned dopey league will end on Monday or Tuesday. But you get the idea. The end is very near.

Bizarre, right?

When we announced that this would be the EPIC FINAL SEASON, we knew this was it, the last song on the album, the second heel of the loaf of bread, the last pea in the can, the last pee in the ol’ try-to-avoid-other-men's-eyes-while-you-tinker-in-the-eight-inning-at-the-horseshoe-urinals at Wrigley Field. But October came around and we suddenly remembered we weren’t doing playoffs this season and — in the words of late owner Richard “Pop” Livernois -- “WOWEE!,” we saw that it was almost truly-and-for-honestly over.

It’s a bit hard to believe.

Anyways …

Look here for news about our winners and such when the regular season is really over. We have a massive pot to distribute. And if you are getting a cut of that pot, we hope you will think fondly of us as you buy the bar a round.

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