Wait ... Have You Paid?

You submitted your roster.

Our website is up and running.

You know where to find our standings (hint, below this blog post — and every blog post — we have a conveniently-titled link called "Standings"; you can also get there by clicking the big + button in the upper right of this screen).

Now you can just sit back and watch the shortened MLB season unfold.


Have you paid your ownership fees?

If not, please do so NOW, 'cause come first-thing Saturday morning we will prune the league of any owners who have not paid by end-of-day Friday.

And you don't want that to happen, do you?

P.S. If you wrote a check and have some way of demonstrating that you wrote and sent it — scout's honor will work — please let us know ASAP; we know the postal service is experiencing delays.

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