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What can you say about a guy who won more than half of our season's championships? That he was commanding? Dominating. Impressive? Unbelievable? Ass-kicking? All of those sound right, but even those — all of them, combined — don't sound like enough to fully describe this year's most-impressive winner of five of nine championships, Deeger's Dogs owner DJay Andersen. He won Overall Champ, Regular Season Champ, Hitting Champ, Playoff Champ, and Pepino Ortiz Me Division Champ. I mean, come on, DJay rocked it to win his first Overall Championship, though he's almost always competitive. He was that good!

“Yeah, well, see, okay … after, say, July, I barely paid attention to the league," the casual DJay said in the champagne-soaked locker room shortly after Game 7 of the World Series. "I mean, that's when I finally took over the top-spot for good. So, I'd check in on the league, oh, I dunno, about once a month, make a trade here and there, and next thing you knew I was getting one of those huge gameshow checks from Commissioner Rube Furrow."

Rube, on awarding the huge gameshow check to DJay, said, "This guy! How did he do it?! Seriously. He had this monster season, made some deft trades to have a monster playoffs, and saunters off into the season's sunset with most of the marbles. Incredible. Congratulations to a great champ!"

DJay collected $813 for the Overall win, plus next year's ownership fees, bringing his overall winnings to $913, a nice windfall for the Dogs owner. He also wins the mystical Jim Cummings Cup, named after the 2005 Overall Champ who headed to the Field of Dreams in 2013, and is given each year in honor of winning the Overall SLPL Championship.

"Tip of the ball cap to Jim Cummings," DJay said. "I never met the man but I am honored to join the elite owners of the SLPL who have won his cup."

In the pot this 2019 season, $2950 is being spread across seven winners, with $125 of that being set aside for whoever wins the HOF Death Pool.

Here are all the official champs and final money-winners for the 2019 season:

2019 Champs

End-of-Season Champs

  • Overall Champ: DJay Andersen, Deeger’s Dogs
  • Playoff Champ: DJay Andersen, Deeger’s Dogs

Regular Season Champs

  • Regular Season Champ: DJay Andersen, Deeger’s Dogs
  • Hitting Champ: DJay Andersen, Deeger’s Dogs
  • Pitching Champ: Bill Cunning, Seal Key Sullivans
  • Pepino Ortiz Me Division: DJay Andersen, Deeger’s Dogs
  • Swing Bombers Division: Joe Livernois, Uncle Vanya's Morphine
  • Who's Blue Division: Bill Cunning, Seal Key Sullivans
  • Maddog's Heroes Division: Kevin Klinkhamer, Dongwhipped

2019 Money-Winners

  • $813 + next season's ownership fees - DJay Andersen, Deeger’s Dogs
  • $731 - Kevin Klinkhamer, Dongwhipped - Hitting Champ + Maddog's Heroes Division Champ + split for Regular Season Champ (for winning 2nd Overall end-of-season, replacing DJay Andersen, Deeger’s Dogs)
  • $556 - Bill Cunning, Seal Key Sullivans - Who's Blue Division Champ + split for Regular Season Champ (for winning 2nd in Regular Season, replacing DJay Andersen, Deeger’s Dogs)
  • $325 - Joe Livernois, Uncle Vanya's Morphine - Pitching Champ + Swing Bombers Division Champ
  • $150 - Aaron Pankoke, The Strokes - Next most deserving Division Champ (replacing DJay Andersen, Deeger’s Dogs)
  • $125 - Scott Allen, Scoot Bigelow - Next most deserving Playoff Champ (replacing DJay Andersen, Deeger’s Dogs)
  • $125 - Samuel Lewis, Max Scherzer's Blue Eye - All-Star Champ

Winner to be Named Later
There's still one payout to be made for the season since we extend our Hall-of-Fame Death Pool for each season until the beginning of the next season. This means that we will start next season by handing out a check to our final winner. There are currently no points earned for HOF deaths, yet. Who have you put your nickel on?

Congratulations to DJay Andersen and his Deeger's Dogs! Congrats also to all our other champs and money winners! And thanks to all of you for joining us for a most-excellent season. We look forward to seeing you all next year.


P.S. IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL MONEY-WINNERS: Please use this form to give us your preferred snail mail address so Rube can send your check. Or, if you would like him to send you a PayPal transfer, let us know that instead by including your PayPal information.

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