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Vince Livernois Crowned 2018 All-Star Champ (Assuming We Tracked Things Correctly)

2018 All Star

He got the Home Run Derby Points. He got the Judge, Trout, and Springer HR points. He got the Sale, Severino, and Scherzer K points. And though his hitters struck out five times and his pitchers gave up a dong, those losses weren't too much fo keep Vince Livernois and his Citizen Inane from winning the 2018 All-Star Championship in the Santa Lechuga Power League, the first official championship awarded for the 2018 season.* And, man, what an All-Star Game! Ten total HRs and 23 total strikeouts Man. For his win, Vince pulls a cool 200 clams out of the coffers and the adoration of 35 other owners who wish they could have won 200 cool clams. (Since in the end it may be more than $200, depending on league trading activity, we will be delivered Vince's winnings at the end of the season.) Congratulations to Vince Livernois!

*This assumes we didn't make any mistakes. Which is to say, we may have messed up some of the math here since we had to manually enter each of those ten home runs and 23 strikeouts for every team in the league. If we made any mistakes, please notify us ASAP so that we can make corrections. You will find our tracking under the All-Star Stats tab in our
boffo spreadsheet!

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