Top Reasons to Join the EPIC FINAL SEASON! of the SLPL

The SLPL Bobblehead-of-Lettuce

TL/DR (Too Long Didn't Read) version: We have a bevy of reasons to join the Santa Lechuga Power League. Getchyer rosters in by April 1, 2021.

Now, the details:

While there are literally thousands of reasons to join the Santa Lechuga Power League -- since 2001 there have been over $52,000 reasons -- we have listed several of our favorite reasons, which you can find by clicking on these words.

Remember, you have until Thursday, April 1, first pitch of the first game, to submit your roster. Grab your spot quick-like by using the form linked to these words.

Good luck picking your roster!

See the 2021 Rules | Submit a Roster | Pay Your Entry Fee | Adjust a Submitted Roster Here

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