Have You Joined SLPL+ Yet?

The response to SLPL+ has been, er, positive so far. Past-owners are checking in to say they really like the concept and are interested to see how it goes. A common theme, though, is expressing hope that they are able to get the entire shortened season in. We echo that sentiment.*

Anyway, have you submitted a roster yet? If so, you saw this inspiring message:

"This is a league where most of the tough work you will have to do as an owner was done the minute you submitted your roster. Sure, you'll want to go to www-santa-lechuga.com regularly to check the standings and the league news, but that's nothing compared to big, bulky, mind-stifling fantasy leagues that eat up hours of your daily life as you try to figure out if your second-string DH is going to steal a base against left-handed pitching with less than two outs in the middle three innings on the road when the wind is blowing east and the moon is in Jupiter. We keep things simple so you have time to watch mind-numbing YouTube videos and cultivate that extra-delicate Egyptian crumble yeast for that special batch of Covid-inspired sourdough bread. Best of all, we dole out literally every single penny of ownership fees to our winners, which means no one is getting rich … except, of course, our winners."

*Speaking of the possibility of the season ending early, the handy-dandy roster submittin' form asks owners to vote on what to do with the ownership fees should the season end early, refund or distribute to current leaders. Be sure to vote.

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