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Twenty-One Incredible Facts About the Indians' Record 21-Game Winning Streak

  1. Their winning streak is more impressive than Oakland’s.
  2. Their winning streak is more impressive than the so-called record, too, because it’s an actual winning streak.
  3. They’ve hit more home runs during the streak than they’ve allowed runs.
  4. They’ve played 189 innings during the streak and trailed in just four.
  5. They’ve done this without two of their best players.
  6. They’re going to set a record for strikeouts by a pitching staff.
  7. Their hitters, on the other hand, do not strike out.
  8. They do, however, walk.
  9. They’re not the best offensive team in baseball because they haven’t been clutch.
  10. They hadn’t allowed a single unearned run during the streak until Wednesday.
  11. Their ace is not human.
  12. They love to throw curveballs.
  13. They love to throw cutters, too.
  14. They’ve got the best bullpen in baseball.
  15. They’ve thrown seven shutouts in the streak.
  16. They haven’t given up more than four runs in three weeks – since the first game of the streak.
  17. They haven’t wasted any time in pouncing on teams during the streak.
  18. They have hit as well with two strikes than any team this year – and especially during the streak.
  19. They have used only one player in all 21 games – and you probably have no idea who he is.
  20. They’re in awfully good company with the 1935 Cubs
  21. They have a shrine to Jobu.
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