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Kevin Klinkhamer Crowned 2018 Regular Season Champ!

Dongwhipped owner Kevin Klinkhamer was crowned the 2018 Santa Lechuga Power League Regular Season Champion after Monday's tiebreaker action, which will grant him the right the scrape out $815 from The Pot. Not only did Kevin win the Regular Season Championship, but he was also crowned the La División de la Calabaza. Kevin didn't take over the top spot until early September, then fought like a dog to hold onto the spot until Monday. Attaboy, Kevin!

Meanwhile, many other champs were crowned at the end of Monday's action, which marked the official end of the 2018 Regular Season. Check out these winners:

  • La División Culantro Champ: Los Monos de Pepino (1), Tony Livernois
    • La División de Berros Champ: Donde Esta Mi Cerveza (6), Tom Kinchus
    • La División de Caña de Azúcar Champ: he Chuck Nasty Fan Club (4), Samuel Lewis
    • La División de Jamaica Champ: Ben Carson's Woody (13), Rube Furrow
    • La División de la Calabaza Champ: Dongwhipped (30), Kevin Klinkhamer
    • La División de la Cebolla Verde Champ: Scoots Bigelow (7), Scott Allen
    • Hitting Champ: Donde Esta Mi Cerveza (6), Tom Kinchus
    • Pitching Champ: Ben Carson's Woody (13), Rube Furrow
    • Regular Season Champ: Dongwhipped (30), Kevin Klinkhamer

Congratulations to Kevin Klinkhamer and to all our Regular Season champs!

(By the way, actual money winners will be announced at the end of the playoffs, after the Overall Champ is crowned.)

In Other News
Owners can no longer make any trades for the 2018 season.

More In Other News
The playoffs have begun, but today's spreadsheet does not reflect any playoff stats. It may take a day or two before we get the spreadsheet up and running.

Sill More In Other News
Y’all need to know how points are awarded during the Wild Card and Divisional Playoffs. Here’s how:

  • Hitters earn 20 points for every home run hit
  • Hitters lose 2 points for every K
  • Pitchers earn 2 points for every K
  • Pitchers lose 10 points for every homer surrendered

Good luck to all y’alls during the playoffs!

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