I'm Not Sad for the Reason You Think

Big Red Machine

Joe Morgan is dead. As the guy who joyfully put him on my Hall of Fame Death Pool roster five times every year in the hopes that he would give me joy with his death as a way to pay back all the years of listening to his painfully painful color commentary, I am actually sad. Not because we don't have a Hall of Fame Death Pool this year and I lost out on all his points but because I'm just sad for all the loss of life, period. Lou Brock. Tom Seaver, Bob Gibson. Whitey Ford. Over two-hundred-and-ten-thousand Covid deaths. I mean, what the every-loving hell?!

And because SLPL+ is supposed to be positive, I'll do something I never thought I would do: Celebrate Joe Morgan.

Joe Morgan: As a baseball-loving kid, I dug the Big Red Machine. Johnny Bench was my guy, but that infield was really something, with you and Pete Rose and Tony Perez and Davey Concepcion. Yours was one of the first teams I ever saw in person during a regular season game, against the Padres, and that game helped cement me as a lifelong baseball fan. I know I cursed your announcing thousands of times over the years, but today, remembering your playing days on the Reds, I am sad you are gone.

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