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The End (of the Regular Season) Is Near

They cancelled Monday's bizarre final Regular Season game, which means tomorrow's games will end the Regular Season!

You knew the end of the season was near, right?

Well, then, you better start figuring out how you want to go in the playoffs. Which do you want going into the playoffs, a Regular Season roster, filled with players who aren't in the playoffs? or, a Playoffs roster, filled with playoff players?

How many trades do you have left? Another way of asking: How many trades have you already paid for that you haven’t yet used? Use ‘em! You already paid for them! What do you have to lose?

By the way, for the record, and with no debates from anybody for any reason: All trades must be submitted to us using this form by the last pitch of the last game played during the Regular Season.


Good luck for the remainder of the season!

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