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Unless the Nats can claw their way back into this Series, tonight we will be awarding the Overall Championship trophy. While it will likely go to DJay Andersen, the owner of Deeger's Dogs who has dominated most of the Regular Season and held tight to the top spot throughout the playoffs with some deft end-of-season trades. There is, however, an ever-so-slight chance DJay could lose the top spot, but only if either Altuve or Gurriel or both connect for multiple homers. Here are the rosters of the teams that could be heard from before this is all over for 2019:

2019_playoff_contenders 00005

2019_playoff_contenders 00001

2019_playoff_contenders 00004

2019_playoff_contenders 00002

2019_playoff_contenders 00003

While you keep an eye on your favorite, we will root for a Game 7!

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