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The Confidence of a Mediocre White Man

In this week's edition of Sunday Morning WTF?!, we watch the fever dreams of a mediocre white man come crashing to the ground — much like he came crashing to the ground — at the very moment he actually believed he was about to "win" …

Oh, hey! Let's take a look at a microcosm of every mediocre American white man ever:

Whiskey Tango Everloving Foxtrot, mediocre white guy?! Born on third base, you still just can't quietly cross home plate and then celebrate only after it's clear your run will make a difference to the outcome. Nope. You instead feel compelled to ask the world to celebrate your "accomplishments" at the very moment you are about to unknowingly lose. "That's where he belongs, right in the dirt." I mean, seriously, W?! T?! Everloving?! F?!

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