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The Baseball Gods? F 'Em!

Lots of injuries, lots of trades already this season … and league owners aren't happy. This from Maddog''s Maulers owner Mike Skoien on dropping Noah and Yoenis:

Time to clean house on NY Mets players as their training/conditioning staff seems to have taken a total leave of absence and is thus wreaking havoc on their roster after just a month of the season. Or, to quote one of them, "we don't need no stinking MRI's"….

Deegers Dogs owner DJay Andersen is taking a more wry, less peeved approach to the Noah drop:

Paxton is way easier to spell and his lat muscle works.

Dongwhipped owner Kevin Klinkhamer, meanwhile, is letting his lifetime Mets fandom get the show through when dropping Noah from his SLPL roster:

Foxtrot the Baseball Gods this season...can't even enjoy this shit past May 1st!

We hear you, Kevin. The trades are coming fast and furious this season.

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