Today's the Day Rosters Are Due: SLPL+

Have you sent our roster using this nifty roster submittin’ tool? It’s not too late! Rosters are due by 11:59 pm tonight, Central time, then the league will begin in earnest.

In case you’re interested, this here would be the league-leading roster, with 61 total points, as of this moment:

Cleveland Indians or San Diego Padres - 5 points

Christian Vazquez, Boston - 4 points
Teoscar Hernandez, Toronto - 4 points

Shane Bieber, Cleveland - 27 points
Max Scherzer, Washington - 21 points

Hope you can join the 2020 SLPL+!

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SLPL+: A Few Things

Three quick notes:
  • Rosters are due by end-of-day — 11:59 pm Central time — Friday, July 31.
  • Points earned for your team are awarded for the entire season, from Opening Day to the last game of the World Series.
  • Though your MLB team cannot be a Division Champ from 2019, your hitters or pitchers can be from any MLB team, including the MLB team you choose for your roster. (Sorry, we created the roster submittin’ form when that restriction was a possibility but forgot to change it when we nixed the restriction.) If you submitted a roster thinking you couldn’t choose someone from your select MLB team, feel free to re-submit your roster.
Here’s hoping we get a full season in. Or even a month of baseball in.

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So the Answer Is Yes, Then

If the question is "Is everyone in Florida a complete idiot," the answer appears to be yes. Idiots.

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Top Ten, er, Nine Reasons to Join SLPL+

TL/DR (Too Long Didn't Read) version: We have ten, er, nine reasons to join the Santa Lechuga Power League. Getchyer rosters in by July 31, 2020.

Now, the details:

While there are literally thousands of reasons to join the Santa Lechuga Power League -- last year alone the number of reasons equaled $2,950 -- we have listed our ten, er, nine favorite reasons, which you can find by clicking on these words.

Remember, you have until Friday, July 31st, end-of-day, to submit your roster. Grab your spot quick-like by using the form linked to these words.

Good luck picking your roster!

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In A World Without Decent Fantasy Baseball...

This video is now several years old, but we still love it. So much drama! So much action! So many drunk people! Now, these knuckleheads just need to sober up ...

The key takeaway? That the Santa Lechuga Power League fills the gaping vacuum in the universe known as “decent fantasy baseball.” How could you possibly not join?

By the way, where you see the date in the video for March 23, 2011? Yeah, ignore that. Think a week from today instead. That's when you need to have your rosters to us for this season.

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Why Choose SLPL+?

Our league's history explains why you should choose our fantasy league over all other fantasy leagues:

“The SLPL is a fantasy baseball league for baseball fans who actually have a life and don't have the time to track daily statistics, make 2:00 a.m. trades, or worry about whether or not Julio Franco's pulled groin muscle will keep his on-base percentage low …

“Team owners could choose their teams at the beginning of the year, sit back, and watch to see how they did. No tedious stats tracking. No negotiating with fellow owners to try to swap shortstops. No geeking out …

“The league made it easy for lazy owners to sit back and do nothing for an entire season, a comfort enjoyed by many actual Major League Baseball owners.”

Rosters are due a week from today, on July 31st.

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Have You Joined SLPL+ Yet?

The response to SLPL+ has been, er, positive so far. Past-owners are checking in to say they really like the concept and are interested to see how it goes. A common theme, though, is expressing hope that they are able to get the entire shortened season in. We echo that sentiment.*

Anyway, have you submitted a roster yet? If so, you saw this inspiring message:

"This is a league where most of the tough work you will have to do as an owner was done the minute you submitted your roster. Sure, you'll want to go to regularly to check the standings and the league news, but that's nothing compared to big, bulky, mind-stifling fantasy leagues that eat up hours of your daily life as you try to figure out if your second-string DH is going to steal a base against left-handed pitching with less than two outs in the middle three innings on the road when the wind is blowing east and the moon is in Jupiter. We keep things simple so you have time to watch mind-numbing YouTube videos and cultivate that extra-delicate Egyptian crumble yeast for that special batch of Covid-inspired sourdough bread. Best of all, we dole out literally every single penny of ownership fees to our winners, which means no one is getting rich … except, of course, our winners."

*Speaking of the possibility of the season ending early, the handy-dandy roster submittin' form asks owners to vote on what to do with the ownership fees should the season end early, refund or distribute to current leaders. Be sure to vote.

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Introducing SLPL+: The 2020 Santa Lechuga Power League

We weren’t sure it would happen, but here it is: A 2020 Santa Lechuga Power League, which we are calling SLPL+.

What’s the “+,” you ask? Think positive. Upbeat. Not dreary. The anti-2020. We know it’s not like us, like, at all, but this year needs a small reprieve from all the down notes that have been hitting this world.

And like Major League Baseball, we’re changing things up a bit, slimming things down. We’re keeping things simple. Read on to learn how it will work.

Ownership Fees
  • Ownership fees are $25. You won’t spend another cent during the entire season.

Roster & Points
You pick a streamlined roster. Here's what it will look like and how you will earn points:
  • One (1) MLB Team - You earn a point for every WIN your selected team puts in the W column. (Note: Your team can’t be a Division winner from 2019.)
  • Two (2) Hitters - You earn a point for every HOME RUN your selected hitters hit.
  • Two (2) Pitchers - You earn a point for every STRIKEOUT our selected pitchers throw.
  • And that’s your entire roster.

Champs and Payouts
  • We will crown fewer champs and distribute fewer payouts.
  • Hitting Champ: Most HRs hit during the regular season and playoffs by the two hitters on a roster will be crowned.
  • Pitching Champ: Most Ks thrown during the regular season and playoffs by the two pitchers on a roster will be crowned.
  • MLB Team Champ: Most wins will be crowned.
  • Overall Champ: Most combined points scored, total — for Hitting HRs, Pitching Ks, and MLB Team wins — will be crowned. (This champ will not be eligible to win monies for other categories, which will be awarded to the next deserving team(s).)
  • Ties will split payouts in each of the four categories. There is no Magic Number.

Misc Notes
  • We are not deducting points for anything. Your hitters can strike out 100 times and hit ten home runs; that will count as ten points. We told you we were keeping things positive.
  • Playoff points earned — i.e., playoff HRs, Ks, and Wins — are included in all point totals for the purposes of awarding winners.
  • There will be no trades. You get who you pick for the entire season, including playoffs.
  • There will be no Hall of Fame Death Pool this year. Given everything else that’s going on, a death pool would feel like we are piling on. Remember, we’re keeping this positive.
And that’s it. Rosters are due a week from this Friday, on July 31. Ownership fees are due the Friday after that, on August 7.

Submit your roster using this fancy-dancy roster submittin' form.

We hope you will join us for this wholly unique — and positive — season of Santa Lechuga Power League fantasy baseball! And while you’re at it, why not recruit some new owners?

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