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Join the SLPL In Six Easy Steps

The Santa Lechuga Power League is a campy little fantasy baseball league. It’s no slick-CBS-Sportsline-type league where nobody knows anybody and everybody just wants to end up in the 51st-percentile or above to get bragging rights over a bunch of strangers. I mean, who brags to strangers? Instead, the SLPL is made up of family and friends and extended family and friends of brothers Joe Livernois and Tony Livernois, who run the thing for their own amusement and for the amusement of said family and friends and extended family and friends. And because Jay (as his family knows him) and Tony are simple-minded goofs, they run a simple, goofy little league with big-time payouts. Points are earned using home runs and strikeouts. That's it. Oh, and as a side bet we track the heartbeats of Hall-of-Famers in our exclusive (but entirely optional) Hall-of-Fame Death Pool. It’s that easy.

If you’re thinking about joining, here are six basic steps you need to complete to become a new owner:
  1. Learn the rules. Abide.
  2. See the payouts. Drool.
  3. Review our tutorial for picking a roster. Learn.
  4. Select your team and submit your roster. Good luck!
  5. Pay already. Like, before Opening Day so you can earn two free trades.
  6. Contact us. But only with compliments or questions. No whining. We hate whining. We hate whining so much that we almost sound like we are whining when we express how much we hate whining.
Plan on joining us in 2019, wontchya? Before saying no, see this list of ten reasons to join. Maybe that'll convince you.

And if you’re looking for a little light reading once the season gets started, why not catch up on the History of the SLPL or read up on the evil Bobblehead-of-Lettuce?

We hope you can join!

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Ten Reasons to Join the Santa Lechuga Power League

TL/DR (Too Long Didn't Read) version: We have ten reasons to join the Santa Lechuga Power League. Getchyer rosters in by Opening Day, March 28, 2019. Recruit.

Now, the details:

While there are literally thousands of reasons to join the Santa Lechuga Power League -- last year alone the number of reasons equaled $3,780 -- we have listed our ten favorite reasons, which you can find by clicking on these words.

Remember, you have until Thursday, March 28, first pitch, to submit your roster. Grab your spot quick-like by using the form linked to these words.

Oh, and be sure to recruit some new owners. It's always fun to have a lot of fresh blood in the waters ... er ... fresh owners in the league.

Good luck picking your roster!

See the 2019 Rules | Submit a Roster | Pay Your Entry Fee | Adjust a Submitted Roster Here


Our First Review Is In ...

The first review of our new-look website is in and it comes courtesy of longtime owner Vince Livernois. Here it is, in its entirety:

Fresh by Kook and the Gang

Thanks, Vinnie. We agree.

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The 2019 Season Is Less Than Two Weeks Away!

The 2019 Santa Lechuga Power League season is less than two weeks away! We hope that your offseason was memorable, that your family is good, and that you missed us enough to want to join the 2019 season. And if you didn’t miss us that much, did I mention that our nine champs last year split $3,780?

Unlike the actual major leagues, there are no rules changes to announce in the SLPL this year. Hey, this ol' boy of a league is running like a top. Why change?

Here's how things work to enter the league and to make trades:
  • The entry fee is $100, which must be paid in full up front. This covers your ownership fees ($20) and your first eight trades ($80).
  • If you pay your entry fee of $100 before the first pitch on Opening Day, March 28, 2018, you will earn two free trades.
  • If you don't pay your $100 entry fee before the season begins, you will have until April 11, 2018 to pay it. If we haven't received full payment from you by then, you will be deleted from the league. Divisions will be created after owner deletions have been made.
  • For every new owner you recruit into the league, up to three, you will earn a free trade.
  • You can buy up to ten more trades at $10 per. However, a trade will not go into effect until the day after you submit the trade or the day after we receive payment, whichever is latest.
And we have a nifty new look at our website this season. You're looking at it this very minute.

Here are key links:
As always, we're always an email away if you have questions or comments.

We hope you can join us again for another nifty season.

And you folks who have been off the radar for a while: Come join us again. We’d love to have you!

See the 2019 Rules | Submit a Roster | Pay Your Entry Fee | Adjust a Submitted Roster Here


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