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Father's Day? Sure, Let's Quote a Father

In this Sunday Morning Whiskey?! Tango?! Foxtrot?!, we ponder the topsy-turviness of the world …

It's a topsy-turvy world when we quote a priest, especially on Father's Day, but, I mean, he is a father. And he speaks truth. Read his whole Twitter thread below. Enjoy the other Tweets while you're at it.

Anyway, idiots, all the spineless and cowardly GOP senators and representatives who are allowing this to happen are complete complete and total idiots. So, too, is every single person who deludes themselves into thinking they hold any moral high ground while still supporting these heinous idiots in this administration who are creating concentration camps for children of desperate people seeking asylum. Whiskey?! Tango?! Foxtrot?! you absolute Foxtrotting, lowlife imbeciles. Seriously, W?! T?! F?!

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