2021 SLPL Standings Finally Posted

The SLPL Bobblehead-of-Lettuce

We have been busting butt to get the website up and running, and it’s been a slog. Having said that, we do have standings posted here: http://www.santa-lechuga.com/. As you’ll see, Blood Bath Ann Beyonce owner Ann Stockberger jumped out to to a big early lead on the backs of seven home runs. And because every home run is worth 1,000 points this season, she’s got, like, a 4,000+ lead.

Look at that, an epic final season already!

Anyway, the dust hasn’t completely settled at the website yet, so it may be on and offline over the coming days. Fair warning.

One last thing! I will soon be sending everyone a link to another website, our stats provider, so you can view up-to-the-minute standings, projections, other teams’ rosters, and transactions. I figured, why replicate what I can just point you to? If you an email from RotoWire, please don’t delete it.
Anyway, hit me up with questions.

And good luck this season!

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